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Area 47

The largest outdoor amusement park in Austria.

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Recommended by heroes.

Be part of a new generation. A league of people who dare everything. For the outdoors is more than the world outside. Discover the adrenaline-charged power of extraordinary sports. Explore canyons, caves and white water.

Become a human missile and learn to fly. The day you enter AREA 47 for the first time will go down in history. It will be the day when you have defeated your greatest enemy: yourself. With us you come as a person - and leave as a hero.

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People keep coming to us who think they have seen everything.

Area 47

Experience the Ötztal like you've never seen it before.

What there is to experience in AREA 47 is beyond imagination and makes even the most hardened outdoor enthusiast tremble. The ultimate outdoor amusement park in Austria pushes the limits of what is possible until there is nothing left to push.

Almost vertical slides, a giant swing with a free fall, Austria's highest high-rope climbing garden, cannonball, blobbing, indoor motocross and much more will get your pulse racing - just like the corners of your mouth as soon as you've done it and only want one thing: do it again experience.